I am Tod Leben

The main reason for this pen name is [Triggers]. Any book published under Tod Leben will have a list of triggers. They can be found by clicking on the cover image on the trigger page.

Currently published: [Non Human Best Friend] [Tsuba Ren] [Suspended and Fake Grave]
Preorder: [Leagende]
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Tod Leben is Cat Hartliebe, but with the fear of consequence. What I mean by that is Tod is aware things are not as easy as they seem. Cat is living in a dream world where everything is rose colored perfection.

Why did I do this instead of rework Cat Hartliebe? Because I do have work that Cat can publish without fear. Fluff and fun stuff that isn’t triggering or worrying to anyone.

They weren’t established enough to need to hold on to the name for everything though.

When switching genres- and sometimes just series- authors create new pen names to suit. Tod Leben isn’t switching genres, but concerns. Triggers are dangerous. I would rather no one get triggered, but that’s not how life works. My warning is to say there is a concern, a fear, a worry.

And if triggers are possible for you, please pick another author. Grab some Cat Hartliebe books and pretend the world is nice.

If you have triggers and worry about a particular book of mine, check out my [Triggers] page where I have all my current work marked out as triggering.

Cat Hartliebe will have most of the blog stuff. This will contain poems and posts that can be triggering as well. A note at the top will state what possible concerns. An image will block the post so there isn’t an auto triggering just from clicking a link.

Realize what that means. Tod Leben is not hiding anything. Darkness and light can exist in the same world. Tod isn’t afraid of that.

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At some point, my Twitter and Youtube will contain mature and/or triggering content. I’ll need to make a note on the account before doing so. Mature and R rated are different. The age ratings for mature are lower than Restricted. It’s recommended adult versus required to be. Generally anyway. I’m indicating there is something about the accounts and sites that is not for children. That’s what mature means. Teens should decide if they have enough experience to handle it.

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