Poem: Phoenix (Rebirth)

(Written for my soul mate, whoever they are.)

living life after life
rebirth over and over
flying into the dawn
only to crest into the darkness

standing on the precipice
staring at the night sky
on the ground in the air
on mighty wings cascading everywhere

heightened or frightened
beginning again
as if new blood or old blood
staring as if only in wonder
worrying coating my body
do you remember me?

our touch is the same
differences mean nothing
but the calm continues to be
my heart still connects
living a copied life

rebirth until the end of time
reconnecting to all our past lives
seeking you and only you
yet never truly knowing
can we be just friends or more this time ’round?

who ever said soul mates can’t exist
or is it that they haven’t figured it out yet
a new form, a new body, a new life
just old lives reconnect
old loves revive as if never done

please be mine forever again
letting this life pass without you
seems worse than dying
although I know as you know
life isn’t ended with death
love survives everything

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