SS: Balancer: 001 Spring Mother

(History always repeats itself.) [Balancer]

I love flying. I giggle when I see my mother standing in the garden. Her garden. Everything about this place was her creation. I love Mother.

Since she marks the place as spring, her looks are similar to mine. Greens and purples cover her head to toe. Her skin sits in light green. Her eyes a beautiful purple. Her gown flows out every which way in varying shades of different greens and purples. I love it. I sometimes try to copy. But even if I get the dress somewhat right, I cannot seem to walk or fly in it. Mother is beyond amazing.

“Wait, Kura.” Yuriel comes zipping up to my side. He stops me before I can reach Mother. “She’s watching the cycles.”

“Spring.” I point out. “She’s watching spring.”

“I asked her what she sees.” Yuriel drops to the ground. We’re similar. The green skin and red eyes match. His hair more brown than mine. I prefer the bright red though. His is more auburn. Neither of our shapes say much being just children in form and year. I turned ten this year. We both did. Mother made us both. We’re not twins, although many of the spirits call us that. We look alike and Mother made us the same year, but only I was birthed by her. Yuriel was formed.

Today, my outfit is shimmery green dress much less intricate than Mother’s. Yuriel has only shorts and vest covering his green skin. Based on that, I’d say his mood is more toward knowledge than looks and action. “She can see everything everywhere that is marked life. So I asked what is life?”

“Everything is life,” I return knowing the answers Mother gives. “What is currently living, what once was living, and everything that will be living. Even the stars in the nightsky are life. But she is limited by what life in within our guard.”

“No point checking out things beyond our guard.” Yuriel nods keeping my arm trapped. “I’m worried. She hasn’t been acting herself lately. As if she sees something.”

“Probably nothing we need to worry about.” I break free of Yuriel to fly up. I scan the grounds. “Let’s go ask Grandfather! He seems to know everything.”

“He’s creepy.” Yuriel shivers flying to my side. “He says I’m going to kiss you. Yuck!” He shakes pulling away from me.

“That’s crazy!” I giggle moving onward. “Let’s go!”

“You’re crazy.”


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