SS: Balancer: 002 The Pact

(Brief conversation between Mother and Kura.) [Balancer]

    “It’s hard to run from the elements, sweetie.  It comes down to the only way to hide is if you seek refugee within another.  You cannot run fast enough to get away.  They WILL find you.”
    “But I seek only to be their friend, how can they expect so much?”
    “Because to be their friend means you must make a pact.  A pact with dangerous consequences.”
    “Then I will ignore them.”
    “Life cannot exist without all four elements getting along.  How would you ignore them, sweetie?”
    “Then what do I do?”
    “Accept them and use the pact to help you just as they use you to help them.  Do not however expect more than you are willing to give.”


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