SS: Balancer: 003 Fall Mother

(The cycle is important.) [Balancer]

“Grandfather literally told us nothing.” Yuriel grumbles as we fly back to the gardens where Mother is. “I told you he’s useless.”

“He isn’t useless! He has a lot of knowledge.”

“He literally hates life.” Yuriel returns. Before he can make further comment, though, we spot Mother.

She isn’t springtime anymore. She stands in similar complexity but colored toward oranges and browns. She’s fall. She switched seasons.

“She sees death.” Yuriel grips me tightly. “Kura, she sees death.”

“She’s supposed to see…” I bite my cheek thinking of the meaning. Fall is a rare show she gives us. She hates focusing on death. Winter being rebirth makes sense. Spring being birth makes sense. Summer being life makes sense. But she hates fall. “I don’t mind seeing fall or thinking about it.”

“I know that.” Yuriel releases his death grip. “But Mother hates death. I don’t understand it. Isn’t she the balancer of everything life and death? Yet she would rather fear the end than see it as a new beginning.”

“The cycle.” I nod. “She loves winter.”

“Renewal is only possible with death.” Yuriel scans the area. Nothing says fall minus her. It still looks like spring. “I’m worried.”

“She’s mentioned nothing about anything to me.” I pause looking back in Grandfather’s direction then at Yuriel. “Or to anyone who’d say something.”

“Grandfather is foolish to lean on.” Yuriel takes to wing again. He holds a hand out for me. “Let’s go. We can check the others.”

“But no one else has any experience as Balancer.”

Yuriel glances at Mother. “But everyone has been around Mother longer than us. We were the last creations. Someone might know something.” I nod accepting his hand. Still who can we ask who would tell us something of value?


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