Who am I?

Giving a name means little, doesn’t it? Stating my point isn’t enough either.

Every moment of every day, I have been told to hide, to mask.

I am done.

I need a place I can truly be myself. No questions asked. Could this ride into marks of insanity? Sure. I never said I fit the “normal” mold.

I am Tod Leben. A name that holds my power versus a truth. It means Death Life in German.

It is who I am.

I sit on the edge between life and death. I step one way or the other often. Testing fates and bringing balance.

I bless and curse others as if normal. You don’t know it. I don’t expect anyone to see magic from the shadows.

It is not some game I play.

Life can never be called a game.

But my actions are minimal at best. It’s time I stepped into the limelight as who I really am.

Maybe then the ones I seek will find me.

Expect nothing from this site. Expect nothing from me. I will not return follows or likes or blog reviews. I am not here to entertain even if that may happen. I am not trying to gain interest or notice in the normal sense.

I seek the Balancers.

I seek my allies.

It’s time.

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