What are the expectations I have for this blog and website?

That’s a good question. I don’t exactly know. There should be activity. I have hundreds of poems, and I write more readily. I have hundreds of stories, although I have no expectation of them reaching here.

Minus the Balancer story line. I have several more of that story to add to the blog. The ones on here are where my edits end. I have been working on the story since 2004 give or take. It has been a part of me. My dreams. My feelings. I would see the world through Kura’s eyes as she figures out who she is, what she is, and her role in life and death. You’ll see more of her.

If my allies do appear in my life, they will gain a platform here. Under pseudonyms. I cannot have you easily seek them out. This place is where everything is possible.

My thoughts, my feelings, my existence, my views, everything I attach to will show up here. Whether it be anger, sadness, or excitement. This will not read as a diary, though. It will feel closer to articles even if the work is fiction versus real life.

If there is a desire for something particular, speak up. Perhaps, even if you haven’t realized it yet, you are one of my allies in the fight for balance.

I offer trust very rarely. Yet there have been people who come into my life and cause me to let my guard down. They are who I am seeking with this blog.

I am the Balancer of Life and Death. I walk a thin line surviving and protecting.
Who will join me?

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