Trigger Warning: Tod Leben is a Trigger Warning starting now.

Tod Leben is a new dark person who wears my face.

I mean, Tod Leben is me when I remove the fluff.

I don’t exactly write fluff anyway.

My desires for a happily ever after will fall in Cat Hartliebe’s world.

Or in my childish series narrated by Cat Gillette.

All of them are me.

Pieces of me. Parts of me.

As I weigh options and make decisions for my author career (as well as other things), the pen name I use is one of the most important. It is my identity.

Nothing changes who I am. The masks I have created are only expansions of who I am.

I am the one who killed an entire classroom of kindergartners and their teacher [Zoo Death]. I wrote it. Nature was marked the villain in the story, but it was still me who wrote it.

That will be Tod Leben’s mark. They will hold all the triggering stories in their name. Everything that could create harm to someone who suffers will be in their name.

They will hold my darkness and wear it proudly.

That means my twitter handle and this blog will need to be marked mature and trigger content warning. Tod Leben is not safe for everyone.

Cat Hartliebe will still be the adult, but much closer to fluff and fun. Things that don’t lead you to flight or fight response. I’m not sure which stories will stay in this group because much of what I’ve written up to this point should be marked Tod Leben.

My young adult and non fiction will be held by Cat Gillette.

If I write a story or series for someone below Young Adult, it will require a new name. A name that probably associates to the story in question.

Not that I’ll deny the connection to me. But they will deny the connection to my names for older groups.

I have to decide exactly how I want to work this, but give me some time and things will fall into pattern. I’m revamping and remarking. I’m trying something.

And it will take a lot to get back into the swing of things.

Then again… Was I ever truly in the swing of things?

List of triggers that Tod Leben will not hide from (and Cat Hartliebe will refuse):

  • Sexual Assault
  • Abuse
  • Child abuse/pedophilia/incest
  • Animal cruelty or animal death
  • Self-harm and suicide
  • Eating disorders, body hatred, and fat phobia
  • Violence
  • Pornographic content
  • Kidnapping and abduction
  • Death or dying
  • Pregnancy/Childbirth
  • Miscarriages/Abortion
  • Blood
  • Mental illness and ableism
  • Racism and racial slurs
  • Sexism and misogyny
  • Classism
  • Hateful language directed at religious groups (e.g., Islamophobia, antisemitism)
  • Transphobia and trans misogyny
  • Homophobia and heterosexism


Another list:

Now realize there may be some level of this stuff in Cat Hartliebe, but it will be glossed over completely. There will be disattachment. Violence is hard to ignore, but if the named characters never get truly hurt, then everything is safe.

Cat Gillette will need to mark their books as needed. Because it’s different for young adult. I can’t remove certain plot parts in Dragon Rider. But I will mark it. Because that stuff is serious and a concern for the youth. Perhaps even more so than for adults. Because if they don’t notice the signs, they will fall victim.

I did.

Literally nothing will be off limits for Tod Leben, which will be noted in their front matter.

Don’t pick up their work if you’re not ready for anything.

2 thoughts on “Decision”

    1. Beautiful and Fireworks are the only two that wouldn’t get trigger marks.

      …. I could republish them as Cat Hartliebe.
      Everything else is… I got so much dark stuff. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to shift things a little.


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