I still have paperbacks

There has been a few left over paperbacks from when I was trying to push Cat Hartliebe.

I’ve offered them before and there have been no takers.

They are still available. I’d prefer a small drop in my paypal account or something in exchange for a paperback given the costs of sending it places.

All are signed.

Of my collection, First Meeting and Year of Poems 2019 are published again.

Troubled Royals

Poem a Day May 2015

Four Tsuba Ren

Two Unwanted



Two Unbreakable



Leagende Bonus (which includes a few bonus stories from Leagende)

If you have any desire for any of them please reach out to me. My email is TodLeben42@gmail.com and CatHartliebe@gmail.com. Paypal is Cat Hartliebe. Just mark down in the note section why you’re sending me funds.

Cat Hartliebe isn’t easy to delete in its entirety. I wonder if I ever will delete everything. No idea. But things will move full circle and then forward along this path.

I’m not a fool.

I’m not an idiot.

I need to stop acting like it. Check out [Cat Hartliebe] for all of my previously published work. They are now available on google docs and will be that way until further notice.

There’s no reason to publish if you don’t hype beforehand.

Not sure where to begin though. I’m feeling less weight without the published work hanging on me. You can’t get cancelled if you say nothing.

I want to at least get cancelled for something I’m truly proud of.


Tod Leben

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