The website is new and there’s a lot of things I need to figure out yet.

But I knew the way I was doing things before was wrong.

I will have all my WIPs available to anyone who asks. There are a lot of them. [Book Series] will be the starting point. Each series will have its own page where I explain a little about the world, the genre, etc. Then each book included in that series will have a little chatter.

Any blog posts on the book or series will be noted as well.

I need to figure out how to update Leagende and put it back out under Tod Leben. Reviewing the story has me very aware it needs the trigger marks. The main point across the entire series is discrimination. I can’t cut that out.

So I’ll be reading through the seven books and marking what triggers are hit upon and whether it’s the entire book, entire series, or just one scene.

If I manage to recreate covers and get the books updated I’ll be republishing them monthly this year. They won’t need the same amount of work as the rest.

Front matter will have an added page:

All books written by Tod Leben are trigger worthy. If you have any triggers that can be induce by the written word, perhaps put this book back. The list of trigger will be on the last page of the book.

Then I’ll list the triggers in the back matter section.

This is only one point of concern. I can’t fully explain everything that has me backing off and republishing my work. And Cat Hartliebe isn’t disappearing as much as I thought they would.

They’re just be fluff. Light hearted work that doesn’t hit something intense or triggering. Which is a rare few of my writing.

I do not write for fun.

I have never written for fun.

Writing for me is to remove and reduce trauma. So triggers are common and likely.

Cat Gillette will cover anything that is non adult fiction. They will be the author of the cookbook It Really is Life Or Death. They will be the author for [Dragon Rider]. And any other young adult or non fiction work.

Each book series’s page will include who of my names will get the author category. But it’s most likely to be Tod Leben. Because triggers are common in my work. I need to note them.

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