Plans as an author.

Setting up for publishing:

Cat Gillette: (Might do a four part short story collection)

  1. Aquarium Visit
  2. The Book
  3. The Water Cavern

Cat Hartliebe:

  1. First Love
  2. Two Boots, One Date
  3. First Meeting bk 1 (Some will be removed before properly republished.)

Tod Leben:

  1. Tsuba Ren (trigger warnings)
  2. Cursed Items (trigger warnings and quick edits)
  3. Leagende (trigger warnings and streamline edits)

This means: covers, edits, trigger warnings, front/back matter, formatting, etc.

On the writing/rewriting side of things:

Cat Gillette:

  1. DR 11th and 12th Grade (still not finished)
  2. Cara’s Amusement Trip (for the four part short story)
  3. Trudy (not sure yet)

Cat Hartliebe:

  1. First Meeting (There are several plots unwritten.)

Tod Leben:

  1. Love or Die (rewrite needed)
  2. The Werecats (two episodic shorts done; unknown length story chain.)
  3. Genie Wishes (so close to being finished.)
  4. Dove (rewrite is almost done.)
  5. Amenda – Finding Home (final scene and epilogue to write.)

For Fun:

  1. Team Rodrick (current project)
  2. TTT (cyro’s desires)
  3. Phoenix’s Fox (quick fluffy and fun tale)
  4. New Morgana (New Merlin’s third book)
  5. Organization (this is my comfort series; novel # 11)
  6. The Lady (just for fun romance/adventure/fantasy chaos)

If there is an attached pen name it means it’s being moved along to publishing.

If you have any interest in any of the above, please let me know.

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