Currently published on Smashwords and Amazon:

The Spoon ebook cover

The Spoon
[US Amazon] [Smashwords]
Silverware with romantic notions? Nonsense.
Well, this is nonsense.

Beautiful ebook cover

[Amazon] [Smashwords]
Imagine if I was a painter and you requested a painting…
Wouldn’t you fall in love?

Fireworks ebook cover

[Amazon] [Smashwords]
Fireworks is about a precious young main character called Baby and their first time hearing fireworks.
Will Getoffthecounter make it easier or harder on them?

Happy Puppy ebook cover

Happy Puppy
[Amazon] [Smashwords]
A short story about a puppy who just seeks freedom. Happiness is all about perspective.

Aquarium Visit ebook cover

Aquarium Visit
[Amazon] [Smashwords]
George loves starfish. Will he get to pet one?
Autistic child with a special interest in starfish.

All are 99 cents short stories. And like with much of my work, I don’t mind sending a pdf/mobi file to a reader who can’t pay. [] [] []

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