Non Human Best Friend Coming Soon

I love Happy Puppy.

Shortly, that story will be unpublished.


Because it belongs in a collection!

Non Human Best Friend will include quite a few stories that are about the best friend in your life that isn’t human. Obviously.

I still need a cover. Last minute will lead to just changing the title on Happy Puppy’s cover. I probably will. It sounds the easier and it does suit over all.

There are six short stories and eight poems all written by me.

Okay, okay, although it’s the same person, Thanks of a Cat, Good Boy, At Rest, and Throw It! are poems by Cat Hartliebe. They have nothing triggering about them. Hopefully they give the collection a little boost given how dark it truly is.

You can learn more about the collection: [Non Human Best Friend] and [Non Human Best Friend Triggers].

happy puppy cover art

I hope you are looking forward to it!

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