I’d rather edge on the side of caution. Some of the triggers I marked down wouldn’t normally be triggers. But the way it’s written, there’s something concerning. I may not know exactly what trigger it should be called, so I go with a word I know works.

Like in [Tsuba Ren Triggers] I have some that are considered less. The wording I use equates the concern level.

With the poems, I have something marked down. Just because there is a trigger does not mean it isn’t overall happy. And some are harder to connect.

I use ‘discrimination’ often. I cannot mark it to a specific discrimination, but a reader could. It could hit against anyone who gets hurt by any of the bias-isms. I don’t have a direct mark. And sometimes I do have one, but it can also hurt ones who haven’t been directly hit by my reason.

I can’t write about racism from the discriminated perspective, but that doesn’t mean one of my poems cannot set it off in another. Some discriminating practices cross biases.

Personally, words don’t set me off. Which helps. Videos can. Audio hits my PTSD most. It doesn’t mean the rest of communication can’t hurt me. It’s just not as likely.

If I comb my memory, I’ll find written words that did send me spiraling.

I really don’t want to cause that to others. So… I’d rather be cautious than not.

Triggers will come before the poem. I’ll go back and fix any poetry that’s missing it shortly. If it’s not trigger worthy, it’s Cat Hartliebe‘s and I’ll say that. It’s fine to post Cat Hartliebe’s poems on here. It’s not fine to post Tod’s on Cat’s site.

I hope I can have poetry set up for the next 52 weeks. Bonus poems during the week are possible.

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