Tsuba Ren Character Descriptions

[Tsuba Ren]

I gave little in the way of descriptions for my characters. Only the love interests have anything in that field.

Part of the reason is I’d prefer people to come up with their own descriptions for the characters.

Part of it is, Laurel isn’t easily describable for me. As I look over what I see when I think of her, she has notes of Asian looks.

The key being, she has no Asian culture connection. Her culture is strictly the American witch community she grew up in.

And by the distance she has from society in general, it’s unlikely she is a “typical white girl”. She finds safety within the community, which isn’t something someone who fits the typical white appearance would feel. There would be safety out in general society even if she has to hide her magical ability.

I’d consider her biracial honestly. And her witch family would be similar. Asian came to mind first, but that isn’t required. I’m open to suggestions as to what she looks like.

Just I’m being clear: She’s not the blue eyed blond.

She can’t be. Because she marks her one cousin, Adam, as different. And he is the blue eyed blond you find in northern Europe. And when she goes into general society, she’s with him. When someone who doesn’t have a typical white appearance travels with a clearly white person, they can be given more allowance in most American cities.

I do not go into any abuse she would garter as a non white character in America. I don’t explain how she looks different. There are just a few notes here and there saying she isn’t the expected white character of the colonized USA.

The only other character with any level of description is Reki. Reki is said to look “like a black and white photograph”. She’s kinda down for the count. She’s probably failing to see color properly because of the suffering she’s under. But there is more to it. Reki is meant to be Asian looks. Paler than average, but general expectation for Eastern Asia somewhere.

There are clear notes of stolen culture from Japan and Asia as a whole. But it looks more like someone who is trying to look right or sound right. As if they didn’t join the society and only watched it from a distance.

Which works with my level of knowledge. I’ve researched various things within various Asian cultures, but I’m still just a person looking in.

This colony is not human. They only pretend to be human for a short period of time. It’s mentioned inside the book even. “My eyes search the room. All the normal things are here. It looks like a human lives here without it looking lived in.”

The fact I have the last name first and use the term Tengu is because these demons have stolen cultural information. It’s meant to seem a little off and not quite right.

But that doesn’t change the fact, many of these demons would look to fit in when wandering Asia as a whole. Or when wandering the globe as a whole. That means this place is not a bunch of whites. If I had to pick who they look like it would be Asia. And I hope the little notes will bring those thoughts to others.

Remember, Laurel is headed home. Whatever you made Laurel look like, her Uncle would also look like. She mentions there are similarities between them.

But I would be seriously troubled if someone claimed everyone in the story is white.

I know what I look like. I know I cannot write other cultures. But these people aren’t using any real world culture minus a few mix ins from USA and vague Asian notes.

[Tsuba Ren]

Butcher me if you would like. I’ll accept any comments or reviews. I specifically refrained from clear descriptions to stop someone from considering my characters insulting or stereotyping a group.

Still, please don’t think everyone is white. They’re not.

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