What have I been doing?

I had a severe reaction to some food. I wasn’t expecting it. Had to be cross contamination. Still hit hard and took me down. My body takes forever to work through allergic reactions. My immune system is messed up.

During my period of healing, I started reading [Modern Werewolves]. Started with Randy’s story: The Truth with Life and went until the end. Then I wrote more. The Youngest Daughter with Zinnia just came to me. Cleared it. Then I put out The Youngest Silver Mark. Afterwards I finished of The Secret of Search (she dies in the end).

Instead of work on [Leagende] like I’m supposed to, I stuck it out with my werewolves. I’m heading toward the end. The Voice will be conquered sooner rather than later. And the sheep head that’s supposed to take over will be pulled into the pack life. I never thought I would reach the end. And technically, I can keep going after the sheep issue is handled.

But really… The series is going to have the end soon. It saddens me to reach that point.

This was all realized as I wrote First Mate, First Chance, and First Shift. None of them are novels.

The next story’s main plot has already come to me: First Boyfriend. It will follow Nyleah as she deals with her true mate. They’re too young to be together, so being trapped to different packs works. While she handles having a long distance relationship that few know about, a bunch of things will happen in pack making her want to step forward into beta titles something she’s refusing as the story begins.

I have the entire series as is listed on google docs and reachable to anyone with a link. If you’re interested in reading the story even with all the errors possible and plenty of fuck ups as first drafts tend to have: [Google Drive Link]

I’ve formatted the first 28 books for paperback. Those are also listed. I need to download some free wolf pictures before creating all of them on KDP. It’s gonna be expensive to get all 28 books printed for my sake. Proof copies are less than $10 a piece, but it’s gonna add up.

I need to get back to work on Leagende. I need an editing round and trigger list. There’s a lot of stuff that can be really concerning. I keep the trigger list extensive. I don’t know what will set people off. At what level. Better to write more and have it go no where than not have enough where someone gains injury from my work.

Because that’s a trigger. A trigger causes injury to a person. It’s not a joke. It’s not a game. It put someone in a life or death situation.

I write a lot of dark stuff. First Shift, which I just finished, follows Carol who has PTSD. That’s her trauma level. That’s not a strange situation for my characters to be in.

Mostly because I’m pretty sure I would get that diagnosis if I had a psych worth a dime. Oh well. I can hide with the best of them.

If you’re interested in more about any of my stories, speak up. I’ll be randomly adding google links to some of my work. Check out the pages for possible link outs. [Books Available]

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