Working on Leagende

Remind me to write up why the elves are different skin colors and why. It’s not just genetics.

So I’ve finally (I suck) got through Unwanted’s trigger list. [Leagende Triggers]

The biggest problem is I get lost in the work, so I may miss something. But generally speaking if a trigger shows up in one chapter, there’s a decent chance it’ll show up in another. That’s how stories weave. The big stuff is all listed. If there is an event or situation when written down sets you off, please keep an eye on the triggering list.

Tod Leben is meant to be triggering topics. I write to reduce the damage of trauma. So many traumatic life experiences will end up in my work. Not just mine either. I’ll see things I cannot do anything about for one reason or another that I wish I could have. You’ll find those events reaching my stories where I handle them much better in written word than real life.

I really do suck.

But anyway. Just wanted to point out I’m just barely not failing. My goal is to get the entire Leagende trio finished and set for preorders by the end of the month. I can do it if I try hard enough. I wouldn’t even call it pushing. It’s really not that much.

All books written by Tod Leben are trigger worthy. If you have any triggers that can be induce by the written word, perhaps put this book back. The list of trigger will be on the last page of the book. (Goal)


First published under Cat Hartliebe in 2015. It was their first novella and first paperback published. This starts the journey of Bludi Illiene. Will he manage to find his mother? Is prince a title far out of his reach? Does he even want it? What about a proper job or wife?

There are six novellas total in the collection. There are many short stories and several pieces of bonus context.

Hair Incident (placed at the back of this collection) is the first story timeline wise with Bludi as center. It does not need to be read before Unwanted.

There will be three books published in quick succession for the Leagende world. Each one will contain two of the novellas. Contact or for more information about the series or what happens after Unavoidable ends.


The second novella in the series follows Bludi as well. Prince Bludi Illiene, a title few can reacquire after losing it, is called the crown even if he refuses every step of the way. So what will happen if the current king and queen disappear?

Will Bludi step forward and become the king of Leagende?

Or will he figure out a way to save his mother and his best friend from capture?

Or will he fight, but in the end give in to the royal requirement?


There is more to the story of how Alaenia and Richard escape. Figuring most would wish to know about it, it was added to Unexpected. The torture the characters go through give a very clear reason why they struggle in future books. I apologize for the damage done, but the villain is truly a villain. Be happy he is defeated even if that happens after the torturous events occur.


Bludi Illiene can stand up to the normal bullying. He swears he could. Not once has he cried in front of his classmates. But everyone has a tipping point. How far will Bludi fall?


The original edition had the letters written in German. I decided that was a poor decision. Here are the letters spoken of inside the story written in English. Bludi did not know what they say until after the entire book ends.


There is little known about this author.

I’m kidding. Tod Leben is Cat Hartliebe’s partner in crime. The same person, however being more honest with the view of the world.

They know how harsh life is and would rather protect as many as possible while also offering a safe place to feel. All of Tod Leben’s work contains triggering topics ranging from light concerns to major ones. Cat Hartliebe will refrain of bringing in murder or rape or aggressions that may set someone off. Their poetry and short stories are works that give a little relaxation and safety from fear. Tod Leben gives those unaware of the causes of concern a little more awareness while also giving those fighting the trauma a place to feel more accepted.

Because even if trauma is included, Tod isn’t going to let it win.

Even though triggering topics will be included in their work, Tod won’t be trying to overwhelm with description. Not the author’s talent. Try reading up on non fictional accounts from actual survivors for better grasp of the truth behind the fiction.

If you wish to chatter with the author, try their website:

or Twitter handle: @TodLeben42 (or Cat’s @HartliebeCat)
or even email (Tod is email lazy, though):

Any questions about this book or any other book in [Leagende] don’t be afraid to comment.

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