Poem: Cuddlebug

I wouldnt say its truly triggering, but its a possibility. edits may push it that way anyway.

perhaps overwhelming depressive weight of disability.

recall acceptance is one of my main themes. disability is one of the reasons for it. and this cat owner is definitely disabled.

that doesnt mean the poem is truly triggering.

just a possibility.


they say that cats
do not love
but from my view
thats simply not true

this cuddlebug
that sits upon me
has shown me love
when i could barely breathe

i have cried so many times
about my inabilitites
while they just purr
content in my lack

they offer warmth and comfort
they offer graditude and thanks
whether i am wheelchair or help enabled
to them im perfectly in shape

my bed is always ready
for them to settle right in
my heart swells at each cry
of “Please may I join?”

cats arent loveless
they seem far from that
because this cuddlebug
proves cats love beyond life

This begins my Poem a Day May poetry collection. Some poems will be found on CatHartliebe.wordpress.com and some will be here.

Goal is a poem every day all month long on the theme of love. This fits.

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