Poem: Love’s Free Fall

Day 3!

If it’s here and not CatHartliebe.wordpress.com that means triggers are afoot.

im not exactly certain what they are, but im going with this is a possible trigger.

so warning.

Love’s Free Fall

fall into the pit
the barbs and tripwires
will catch you as you drop

people tell you
its fine; its normal
yet it seems as if its just pain

perhaps, they dont
feel the same when falling
as if its more butterflies and rainbows

personal experience
takes me away from such
leaves me in pain from memory

the first time though
it was a smooth free fall
without the connections now acquired

no memory of pain
no life where things fell apart
just innocence of childhood and romantic thoughts

im refusing the fall
into this pit of relationship
where all ive gained is pain and hurt

the dreams still there
as if pain may leave again
allowing me access to the free fall

i doubt it

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