Leagende Audience

Unwanted & Unexpected Book 1 & 2 of Leagende by Tod Leben (cover)

This series is written for neurodivergents who like dark fantasy. Generally that is the audience for most of my work. Generally all of my writing is written for an ND audience (because who else would I be writing for?). And I write dark fantasy more than any other genre.

Currently most of my published work is fiction based and short. My shorts are all over the place. But I like to think of First Meeting as almost a portfolio of my skill set as a writer. It gives a good idea of what type of writing I have the habit of creating.

Leagende itself is a “young adult” book written for adults.

I’m not saying Leagende isn’t readable by teens. I’m saying they won’t get everything out of it. The reader needs life experiences to grasp everything.

I’m a layered writer. There are always subplots around. There’s always new pieces that aren’t necessarily noticeable in the first read through.

That’s the case for all of my work.

Like Happy Puppy? That super short cute story? (It’s cute and dark all in one.) It has multiple layers to it. It is an obvious story about how puppies that are too much for a shelter are put down. The puppy is finally free in that sense. It’s also an allegory to disability and how it feels when the world treats you as if you aren’t “handle-able” and how those in power wish for our deaths.

Didn’t notice? Because you haven’t lived enough. You haven’t seen. You haven’t noticed it yet.

But for an ND, it would be something we catch. Because we are treated as that puppy was. (Most disabled would feel that connection, not just autistics.)

Unwanted, Unexpected, Undeniable, Unbreakable, Unbelievable, and Unavoidable are written from the perspective a late teen early twenty something. They can be considered young adult, but the biggest points will be missed.

Plus… Trauma. There are a lot of trigger concerns. I know most will be missed if you don’t key in on it (Cyro’s read the entire series after all.)

This is political in nature. The keys to it are acceptance, equality, and handling discrimination.

Good triumphs, but there is no one who is truly good.

My work is generally like that. I never would’ve thought I wrote dark fantasy as my main genre. I thought I’d be paranormal romance honestly, but I write as a way to reduce trauma.

I hope people enjoy Leagende as a whole. I just finished formatting the paperback. Triggers are done. Everything is almost ready to let publish.

Next step is to get the next book going. It won’t take forever. Promise.

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