Leagende Note

Leagende has a lot of elves.

There are Forest Elves, Tropical Elves, Rose Elves, and Savannah Elves.

Their skin color gives away which elf they are. Forest Elves are green to the point of easily blending into large foliage. Tropical Elves are blue matching up to many cases of water in the world. Rose Elves are pink and red blending well with the mountainous rock they live on. Savannah Elves are in the browns connecting to the colors of rich soil.

None of them are pastel. They have vivid colors to match the area. Nature gave them the dark colors to match up with the land they are part of.

Germania is filled with humans, but none of them are ‘white’. The humans are said to match the Savannah Elves in coloring which means not pastel, not pinkish. They’re Middle Eastern in coloring. Or they can be Black. Or they can be South East Asians. Take your pick. I don’t explain anything more than they match up with the browns found within Savannah Elves.

Fantasy is fantasy. There isn’t skin color based racism. ‘Human’ is the insult of choice for elves. There is a level of colorism (yes, that’s different from racism) within the series, but generally speaking the systematic oppression that is required for it to be racism isn’t there.

I leave ‘discrimination’ as a trigger concern. Because in this world it can compare to racism, but within that world it doesn’t. They don’t have the systematic oppression required.

The skin color of an elf is decided by where the elf is during its prebirth period (ie pregnancy). Also which cultures it attaches to. It’s not impossible to birth a elf in the wrong zone if they match to the culture of another well enough. Second generations (mentioned in Unwanted) means their genetics are one way and Nature claimed them another.

Environment plays a much bigger role in my elves than within real life humanity. If you weren’t aware, environment plays a massive role in humanity.

I really hope readers realize how dark my elves actually are.

I mean- direct quote- “His dark green skin is spooky.” That is the perspective of a random human about Richard.

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