Organization: Diary Entry of Princess Michelle the Second

(Wait… Why is this marked Cat Gillette? Organization should be Tod Leben. It should be New Adult. It’s not Young Adult. Even if the ages are closer to young adult. Situations rely on New Adult. I’ll switch it at some point.)

Diary Entry of Princess Michelle the Second

Age: 15

Concerns of the day: Many; also my little brother is annoying again

Most people struggle with everything dealing with the spirit world and the spiritual energy within them.

There has been so many times I was given advice from well meaning humans that didn’t work for me.

Such as the connection between others.

As a high classes highly skilled, a web connection that most use to boost connections between people doesn’t work. I figured out the answer after sitting down with other spirits who exist on a higher plane: a maze.

Instead of webs connecting people and things of importance, I connect everything even many things I don’t want. I need to create walls and breaks denying me that drain common among the shamans who live with it.

I cannot be readily connected to everything.

But I cannot not be readily connected to everything.

Try as I might, I’ll never be a proper shaman. It’s beyond my abilities.

Natural talent only gets you so far.

And I’m stuck at first level wishing I could be someone great.

I offer blessings to those who belong.

I offer curses to those who do not.

And if you believe you are one of few who belong, you are not within that group. Because those who belong would believe everyone else belongs to.

To deny any, means you are denied all.

The spirit world is not easy to handle or grasp.

I always suggest to everyone looking, to seek elsewhere. Because if you can reach it, you’ll disabled yourself from the act.

Spirits are not for the weak willed.

I will build my maze and take a break from it.

I am tired. I need sleep.


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