Working On…. May 2021

Unwanted & Unexpected is ready! I have a proof copy of the paperback coming to me. I’m going to double check everything first. Once I am comfortable with the cover, formatting, etc, the book will be done-done.

Okay, I won’t be publishing the paperback until the end of the month. I’ll give people the chance to get the paperback before the ebook publishes.

The ebook is ready for Unwanted & Unexpected and Undeniable & Unbreakable. I’ve started the ebook formatting for Unbelievable & Unavoidable. The paperback of Undeniable & Unbreakable will take a bit of time- which I have.

The preorders are set up on Smashwords for all three. KDP and Amazon… Well… They’ll be ready before their dates.

[Leagende] has the details that I have.

[Tod Leben’s Smashwords] is already ready. The ebook is uploaded for the first two. I’ll definitely get the third done before the end of July.

I am expecting my actions to hit a wall tomorrow. The wall will probably keep me down for about two weeks. That’s my expectation. I had an allergic reaction to the first shot. It was a moderate response (no direct threat of death, but there was still a fear of death due to other factors) that lasted a week and a half. My allergies do not calm down readily. I clock in at fifteen minutes after ingestion or inhalation and hold with the reaction for a week and a half. Severe reactions are gone within a few hours. Moderate last the nearly two weeks in some cases.

It’s why I really am careful about my food intake and staying away from inhalants.

I want to function. I do not like being in a state of half function.

I will get the second dose. I will not be getting any boosters. I know next year’s will be recommended, but I just… I can’t put myself through the reaction again.

Grr! There is even a drug that will put me out for a few hours and kill my long term allergic reactions. I believe it is hydroxyzine (Vistaril). It was the best experience of my life to get it. Those few hours sucked, but sleeping it off lead me to nothing. Best ever. Wish I had that in my back pocket. So many times an accident occurred and I… *sigh*

I’m off topic.

Besides Leagende getting ready to be published, I have been doing Poem a Day May 2021. It is early day 10 and I have ten poems done. They are either posted here on the blog or over on Cat Hartliebe. I want to get a few more poems done before tomorrow’s trouble.

As for writing side of things: I am working on Leagende Reevaluated. Unwise was finished shortly after I published Unbelievable. Unsure was started then and finished a week ago. Then I started Unreal. The three are pretty much right after each other. If you read the first you’ll wish to read the second.

Leagende can be started at any book, but you’ll generally want to read from that book until the end. I just allow for the start to be anywhere. My stories try not to rely on previous information to be started. Reading previous stories create little Easter Eggs within the later ones.

I’m distracted. By everything. And worried.

I’m currently forgoing Twitter for various reasons. I’m close to a meltdown because of the stress of the shot. I’m fighting my own decisions.

I’m tired.

TL;DR Check out [Leagende]. It’ll be ready-ready soon. Besides that Poem a Day May 2021 is happening and tomorrow’s the shot.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Reblogged this on Cat Hartliebe and commented:

    Since it’s dealing with triggers, its on Tod’s site.

    watch out for triggers before reading.

    but this will give a quick run down as to my current situation. writing wise anyway.


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