Poem: Forever Friend

(Back on the wagon with poems…)

Im thinking this is triggering, but forgive me to know what it is at the moment.

triggers are what i seek during edits. this feels triggering. i could be wrong.

Forever Friend

will you be my forever friend?
the one who stands beside me until the end?
who dances around when no ones looking?
who tends to the garden of dreams and hopes?

the forever friend of my mind’s eye
the one said to not exist
who dallies through the tulips
on his many trips

my friend of fairy tales
of olden days and youthful vigor
the friend who stands before injustice
and claims he can deliver

will you be that forever friend
that alights my sighs with laughter
that brings my jacket when it grows colder
or offers the last cupcake thats desired

this hopelessness of seeking
the friend who longs to existence
who cannot be; there is no way
but i wish you were here, forever friend

today of all days i reminiscence
of times before this life existed
where we would dally often enough
or work out hard among the fiefdoms

will you be my forever friend
who remembers times before when
who would laugh at the same jokes as before
or stand forward because youve seen it before

im lonely
and growing cold
and youre not here
to make that ache go

forever friend…

one day i assume youll be
standing beside me as you used to be
and then ill be happier than
presents under the tree

ill be happier than ever before
because youll be with me
offering little things
and laughing at me

forever friend, i know you exist
its impossible to think otherwise
when you were always my hopefulness
and it took a while to realize

will you stay my forever friend?
when life turns dim
as it happens again
and again

will you be my forever friend?
no matter the surroundings cause for alarm
or the fires and battlers and attacks from afar
let me be your guard

Forever Friend has been an attempt for a while now. I dont think this is the final form.

And yes I meant “laughing ‘at’ me”. Sheez. What else would he do?

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