Poem: Rainbow Flag

June is pride month. I’m queer on the internet and not in real life. I mean… I’m still in the closet with my real life existence. My given name isn’t known as queer. It hurts.

triggers: discrimination and bullying associated to queer identity.

Rainbow Flag

the flag waved for years now
so why it whenever i leave the house
i worry about becoming known
or telling anyone the truth

that even if i left the closet
i couldnt be my true self
while i stand below that rainbow flag
why hasnt society accepted us

even if i could be me
or try to be as much as i want
there will be roadblocks in my way
because society rather the closet for us

id worry about explaining
who i really am
when it shouldnt be a question
just believe us for once

the medical staff can refuse me
even if thats illegal
because they dont believe
i deserve the right to exist

this flag that was created so long ago
gave us so much hope
and left us believing the future to be bright
yet i still fear just being myself

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