Leagende is done

Well…. The three collections are done. I’ll be waiting on publishing the paperback for the third collection. Ebook preorders are set up already.

What I mean is I finished the final edit and trigger list for all of it.

[Leagende] [Leagende Triggers]

Leagende Reevaluated will exist in the future. I’m just not working on it specifically. It has a massive time jump. It follows Zeus and Madeline’s child which they don’t have for five years after the end of this series. So more than two decades time jump.

Unwise and Unsure are in first draft. Unreal is being written. If there was more of push with the series, I could clear them and really prove myself.

That’s for future me to handle though.

I’m gonna go work on [PINC (aka Dragon Rider)]. I need to fully switch the title, get the trigger warnings going, and republish. The goal will be to get the series fully out to market ASAP.

I may take a break to work on other things though. Half of it is nearly ready. The final two books need a lot of work.

Leagende though is done with my attention for now.

I hope you enjoy it.

Unwanted & Unexpected Book 1 & 2 of Leagende by Tod Leben (cover)

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