Is Anyone Interested?

I was putting [Genie Wishes] on Cat Hartliebe. It’s definitely a Tod Leben novel.

Right now, my goal is to clear it. I’m nearing the conclusion. Things are nearly hitting end point.

Should I upload the entire thing here? As a first draft with light edits?

There are so many things I will need to work on during edits. Like creating names for all the places. Improving everyone’s names (Diss Weasher… dishwasher… or Blast Toise… blastoise…) is on the top of the list too. Some are even missing a name. I gave them a title without a full name.

For edits.

Also expanding description. Not a lot, but enough. Reducing dialogue a touch. Removing anything unnecessary, etc, etc. (I’m normally adding not removing, but whatever.)

It’s already 89k words. It won’t be a doubling when going to second draft. But after I finish things plus an edit bonus… It’ll be over 100k.

For a dark fantasy adventure? Totally on point for word count. And I have it separated into “wishes” which are chapters that are meant to be shorter stories. So it can be read as almost a collection of short stories that just move through time and place.

I’m on the fifteenth wish. It may be the last chapter or second to last chapter.

Should I post them weekly? I was doing that on Fridays. Should I bring everything over here with the light edits and add on until the story is complete?

Decisions, decisions.

Once I’m done with Genie Wishes first draft, I’ll get to work on something else. Either [Dove] (which I want to get published) or [P.I.N.C.] (aka Dragon Rider) or [Modern Werewolves] (covers needed to get everything in print for review).

SO MUCH TO DO!!!!! *screaming*

If I get a beta/alpha reader for any of my works, they can start making an impact like names. I really have no connections for any of these people. I love name dropping of friends, family, and nonsense (Blast Toise may stay).

I really don’t mind people making serious comments either as a comment here or as an email. [] []

I’ll weigh things. Or you can poke me to do it. *shrug*

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