Poem: Let Me Be Your Good Girl

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Reminder triggers are a concern on Tod Leben.

This poem- Let Me Be Your Good Girl- is found in [Poem a Day May 2020]



Let Me Be Your Good Girl

you only see a bad boy
all I see is a good girl
you cry at night
cause I wear dresses to school

you just see this bad boy
who doesn’t understand
society’s pressures
and why you don’t fight them

but I’m just a good girl
or I’m trying desperately to be
I can’t be your boy
no matter what society says

stop calling me a bad boy
for painting my nails
and wearing make up
you’d call your daughter good

stop treating me as if just a bad boy
when I fight over everything
no, I don’t want to wear the suit
I don’t care if it “fits”

I’m not your bad boy
I’ll never be your bad boy
let me be your good girl
stop railroading me

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