Five days ago, I finished Genie Wishes. That first draft is done at 97k words.

Today? I just put the final words down for Dove‘s second draft. It clocks in at 136k words. The goal was to keep it below 150k. I may remove some stuff and expand others, but for now, it’s going into the drawer and staying there.

Next on the agenda…



What is next?

Oh. Right. P.I.N.C. needs work. Dragon Rider by Cat Hartliebe needs to become a good workable and beloved young adult series.

Cyro loves it. I need to give it more love so more people can love it.

Wish me luck!

And if you are interested in reading Genie Wishes or Dove, give me a message. I’m always open to beta readers. I’m thinking of not posting Genie Wishes since no one requested me too.

Or maybe… I have an idea… That will just depress me because it’s likely to fail.

Ugh. I can’t even give my stories away.

I’m at the level of failure that’s thought of as impossible.

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