Poem: Heart’s Relief

Newly created and marked triggered. But just because there are triggers doesn’t mean it isn’t positive. I like to dig deep only to clean the wound not further injure it.


talk of abuse (varying types); grief (relationship); relief (relationship);

Heart’s Relief

its not as if ive changed
theres been so many times
that ive been hit with negatives
throughout my shortish life

the people think its okay
to pull the wool over my eyes
or act as if my abuses
are what my life deserves

but right now
its freeing
to think of life without
without your glances or heavy handed foul

my heart has lightened
over saying no
as if youd actually listened
i figured that wouldnt be so

it took many attempts
to release myself from your grip
and even if theres grief inside
the relief is bigger yet

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