Poem: Let the Storm Break

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Reminder triggers are a concern on Tod Leben.

This poem- Let the Storm Break- is found in [Poem a Day May 2020]


Triggers: domestic abuse

Let the Storm Break

let the storm break
I feel it coming
it always seems to be coming
you can’t run
you can’t hide
the storm will break

let the storm break
I won’t cry even if I want
I won’t scream into the void
I’ll silently manage
as the storm rages on
there’s nothing else

let the storm break
let me feel as it moves
the precursor won’t be that bad
once it’s over and done
ignore the scars forming
the bruises will go away
it’s over for now

let the storm break
you know what I mean
let the crash of beings
pour all over me
I’ll be the target
run far away

let the storm break
I wish I could run
I’ve tried
and failed every time
I wish I could hide
as if shelter at night
but there’s only so much
safety doesn’t exist

let the storm break
I’d rather do anything but
I’ll ignore it coming
I’ll pretend nothings wrong
maybe just maybe
tonight it will hold off

let the storm break
why should I aim for that
when after it breaks
another storm starts off
nothing I do is right
I’m a failure from start to finish

let the storm break
you think you understand
you think you can help
but every time the storm breaks
a new scar will form
you’ll just make it worse

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