Poem: It’s Over

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Reminder triggers are a concern on Tod Leben.

This poem- It’s Over- is found in [Poem a Day May 2020]


Triggers: grief (relationship)

It’s Over

I can’t breathe
the world seems broken
you stole my lung’s ability
to function
I can’t breathe

something in my chest
is breaking
I can’t breathe
is this an emergency?

I check my heart
to see if it’s still beating
some how that’s working
but those lungs…
I can’t breathe

people say it’s the heart
that can’t handle
as if the heart can break
mine keeps beating

the lungs have shut down
tears denying breath
when you said “it’s over”
I could only weep
I can’t breathe

[Poetry Archive] [Poem a Day May 2020]

Poem a Day May 2020 by Tod Leben cover

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