Poem: Killing Pets

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Reminder triggers are a concern on Tod Leben.

This poem- Killing Pets- is found in [Non Human Best Friend]


Triggers: suggestive death

Killing Pets

I have killed numerous dogs
in poetry and prose,
yet not once I have killed a cat.

Or have I killed a cat?
Have I treated them special?
Abuse and caged and treated as poor
-whether fantastical or realistic-
my cats have managed to survive.

Is this because I consider cats different?
Are dogs easy to kill?
Or do I see dogs as man’s best friend?
And cats are our indifferent allies?

Could cats be myself
whereas dogs are my friends?
Can I only see my friends die
while my life sits in ruin?

No, that sounds foolish
-looking at dogs as friends-
as something more than just an animal
who spends a short time with us.
Could it be my own dog who I lost
that makes my decision different?

Let me look again.
I could not have only killed dogs
and never once killed a cat.
Somewhere within my work
has to be a dead cat.

I’ll look again.
I’ll find it.
And if not,
I will guarantee you
my next death will be a cat.

[Poetry Archive] [Non Human Best Friend]

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