Poem: Differences

(Published poems!)

Reminder triggers are a concern on Tod Leben.

This poem- Differences- is found in [Poem a Day May 2020]


Triggers: grief; loss; pregnancy; medical concern


when I lie dying
you reached superstardom
my foolish decisions
lead to absolutely nothing
while you made it bigger than everything

I can’t regret the past
why do I…
why do I wish to end it now
why is it there is nothing to fix this
why do I wish I made different choices
when the choices were all named
placed before me
to pick from
all of which will hurt me
I regret it

you made it to the future
better than you started
you dragged along your family
your friends are proud of your existence
and I would call myself
before valuable
because I’ll never manage
not anything

you dropped the right things
I picked the wrong path
while I laid dying
you reached superstardom
I’ll watch from the sidelines
it’s all I have left

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