Poem: Forever Young

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Reminder triggers are a concern on Tod Leben.

This poem- Forever Young- is found in [Poem a Day May 2020]


Triggers: ageism; bullying; harassment

Forever Young

so many seek
to be forever young
to have the flawless beauty
of a new bloom in spring

it’s not that I’ll deny you
make yourself pretty
but the real value
isn’t in youth but in memory

wisdom pulls you away
from the worst decisions
only a fool repeats
mistakes already written

make yourself beautiful
I’ll support your desire
but forever young?
nah, I’ll fight against that one

children are foolish
and teens are no better
a new adult makes decisions
that ignore the future

don’t seek that freedom
as if you can ignore
the goals in your life
like a home, friends, and more

forever young
sounds closer to a price to pay
you will always look young
and no one will consider your worth

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