Poem: Push

(Published poems!)

Reminder triggers are a concern on Tod Leben.

This poem- Push- is found in [Poem a Day May 2020]


Triggers: labor; pregnancy; birth; blood


wheeled into the room
treated with hope
the vibrant colors comfort
between the painful pushes

you hold my hand gently
refusing to give up
you did this to me
months ago
and haven’t stood me up

when the pain pulses
they tell me just to push
I try to listen to them
it’s harder than it looks

the blankets get bloody
they say that’s normal
which helps
still my mind has to focus

breathe in
breathe out

screams pierce the air
I laugh and cry at once
the pain was completely worth it
as the doctor say, “a boy.”

[Poetry Archive] [Poem a Day May 2020]

Poem a Day May 2020 by Tod Leben cover

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