Modern Werewolves; An Ending

Alright so i plan to have a few more books added to the series. I’ll be far surpassing 2 million words before everything is published. but it helps to have first drafts covering everything for when i fully fix the world organizing it and making sure lives fit.

But to appease myself and my readers (they exist!), I wrote up a quick short story that will happen after the big series ender. [Modern Werewolves]

Last Three Amigo with Zach is going well. None of the Three Amigos is getting the best life ever. I was a little bit mean to all of them. Zach’s story really is no different. I swear I love them.

Last Hope (Joanna/not a HEA) and Last Sheep (Matthew/ final book) will finish all the final ties and tugs. Things will be left open, but not so much so anyone would hate it. That’s goal.

Before New Beginnings, my tie everything up with a neat bow ten years later novel/novella, I have a short little story I just wrote up. It’ll give you a clue as to where my happily ever after is going. For many.

64 Requirement

Victoria looks at herself in the mirror. She looks the perfect ballerina. What ten year old doesn’t stare at themselves in costume? I haven’t met one.

Besides myself.

But I’m different. I’ve been always running for something.

When what I needed to run for was always right in front of me. I just need to stop a second and pay attention.

Faith helped me figure that.

And Anthony has patiently stood at my side while I figured out what Faith meant.

And that something was my baby sister. She needed me as an infant who just found her true mate (over a decade her senior!) and now as her beta and support.

“I look perfect?” Her questionable voice is because who we’re calling next. Mom and Dad already agreed. They’ll get someone to watch City while Victoria has her recital. I can’t believe they agreed when Ally requested them back. Everything has been smooth sailing in City since they returned to it.

The only issue is I’m stuck with all the kids. Not that I adopted my siblings or anything. Jack, Victoria, and Able trust me. And they know Mom and Dad aren’t in the position to do anything about it. Plus they all love helping Rose grow up. I only have the one. One kid is bad enough when I have three siblings weighing me down as pretend mother.

Green Ridge is safer for them. And before I bring Victoria to Meadow pack with Matthew, Mom and Dad will return. City cannot hold on to a beta pair for long. It’s a tough pack. Don’t know who’ll replace them, though.

Jack knocks and enters. He scans the place. “Vicky, are you nervous because someone is spying on us.” He checks out the window. He’s a brute anymore. Still unshifted, but massive nonetheless. He’s all werewolf from every action to every inaction.

“No.” Victoria shifts nervously and tugs at her tutu. She looks perfect. She put on the costume to show everyone.

Jack nods scanning her. “What’s the problem then? Should I have Temp set up spy cameras somewhere?”

“She already did.” Victoria looks at the ground. She’s the luna, but Jack is still bigger.

“So?” Jack motions for Victoria to make mention.

I chuckle sitting back. They’re fine. Jack notices things and comes running. But acts like he was just ‘in the area’. He’s never ‘in the area’. He’s just overprotective.

Victoria sighs and looks to the screen I set up before her. This is all her. If she wants Matthew there, she has to ask him to come. “I’m gonna call Matt.”

“I don’t think he’s good for you. We should look for someone way better.” Jack pulls out his phone. “Hmm… How about Drake?” Drake’s an alpha in Easterners. Jack’s visited him occasionally. Jack has found a ton of reasons to visit other places. He always returns though.

I’m expecting him to follow us to Meadows.

“No.” Victoria shakes her head. She doesn’t quite get true mates. She’s too young for the entire conversation on it. “I want Matthew.”

Jack clicks his tongue and goes to the computer screen. “If you want him, tell him to join pack.”

“He can’t!” Victoria cries. “He needs to…”

“No. He’s fine. He’s just alpha successor. Joe handles everything in pack. I called him up the other day.” Jack clicks buttons so Matthew’s smiling face is on screen. “If you want him, stop fussing.” Jack clicks call and walks out of the room muttering. He’s more annoyed that he’s true mated and can’t fully grasp the meaning.

I understand. I’m the same. And when I met Anthony, I was far too young. He was only barely old enough.

Victoria gasps when Matthew picks up. He’s always quick to pick up. Looks to be from a phone while he’s outside. I can see a tree or two behind him. “Matt.”

“Hey, Sweets.” Matthew scans his area. “I’m on a circuit with some guys. Said I needed to be here as if they couldn’t handle anything.”

“I’m fine handling everything, Alpha. You’re the one missing half of it.” That’s Billy. He treats Matthew like his child. He raised an alpha before. And I think Billy wanted to raise another son. Matthew looks pleased by it. It’s not legal adoption, but that closeness calms me. Matthew is safe as long as Billy and Diana are there. “Luna called?”

“Yeah.” Matthew grins looking to Victoria. She fidgets. She doesn’t mind the name. She’s starting to struggle with Matthew’s direct attention. Those thoughts must be starting. I remember that moment too. Doesn’t take long before the mind starts into R rated material. Want of true mate is normal. They’re safer in separate packs. “What’s up?”

“You’re coming to my recital.” It was a command! Victoria is refusing to confront things and just demands out of Matthew. I find him smirking. The command wouldn’t work. Matthew’s an elite. He’s an acting alpha. He just can’t fully lead the pack alone.

“I am?”

“Yes.” Victoria nods confident. I can see my own actions in her. I feel as if I need to apologize to Anthony. I was this cocky.

“I don’t know.”

“You have to.” Tears? So the command was her hiding everything. “I haven’t seen you. And… Are we…? I…” She’s not making any sense.

She just doesn’t get true mates. She doesn’t get mating. There’s no one else for Matthew. But she doesn’t know. Hence why Temperance put spy cameras all over Meadows Pack. So Victoria could see Matthew just being an alpha and not being couply with anyone.

“Wish I could hug you, Vicky.” Matthew sighs. He pulls aside his shirt. her mark is still there bright and strong. “See this.” He taps it. “It will never change. I’ll never take you out of my life. I’ll always be just yours.”

“But what does that mean!?”

Matthew smiles. “For now, it means that if you ask me to be at your recital, I’ll be at your recital. Demanding it and commanding it aren’t required, Love. Actually, I already have the vacation set. And pack would love if you came back with me for a few days afterwards. They want to see you dress up and dancing across the stage. If you’re open to it.”

“Really? I’m allowed to join you?” Her ease is so easy. Matthew knows how to work her.

It’s been their always. Victoria gave Matthew the push he needed to take over the sheep pack and make it into the Meadows pack. Meadow was where the original sheep alpha was from. An omega blood half wolf who lost their home when Scots Plain destroyed it. No family. No home. Just bloodlust.

Matthew gives Victoria a direction to run for. All Anolis seem to run for something. We need a direction. She’s mine. Matthew is hers.

Matthew grins. His eyes are alight with hope. Their future is positive. “For a few days. Then you’ll need to get back to Green Ridge. I told you, you can fully join my pack when you finish school.”

She pouts arms crossed. “That’ll take too long.”

“Then copy your mom and get the GED at 16. That’s fine too. You can’t join my pack until you have one or the other. Got it? We’re mates across packs until then.”

She sighs sinking. “Okay… And you’ll come to the recital?”

“Already have my tickets. There’s in my room or I’ll show them to you.” He looks to the side. Billy gets in sight with a scowl. “And that’s my cue to say we’ll talk tonight like always. Love you. Bye.”

“I love you more.” Victoria yells at the screen as Matthew clicks off. She sighs looking to me. “He didn’t compliment my tutu.”

I send a text to him to let him know the request. “Did you give him time to say something?”


“So? He was busy. Probably should’ve answered you. I said this could’ve happened tonight. You always chat at seven.” I hold up her normal jeans and tee. “Ready to change?”

She nods switching clothes. “Rylee… Can I… Can we wolf run around the woods?”

“I can carry you as a wolf while I wolf run, but you haven’t shifted it.”

“I’m not an adult wolf… I haven’t shifted…” Victoria sits down to pull on the correct footwear for running the woods. “Do you think Matthew would let me join him if I shift early?”

“No. And he wouldn’t wait for your shift if you shift late. It’s high school diploma or GED. You can even push his desires back. Say you’ll get a Bs before joining him in his hick pack.”

“Rylee!” She has a grin even if she’s admonishing me. “Meadows isn’t a hick pack.”

“You won’t get what Green Ridge offers there.” I stick my tongue out. We still have rooms in Meadows packhouse. I know where we’re going.

“I don’t need a big bathroom for comfort, Rylee.” She sighs looking at her covered feet.

I’ll need to remove things before our run. “Should we ask if Jack wants to join our trip? He likes to make sre you’re fully protected.”

“And he likes getting away from Temp for a few days.” Victoria frowns. “I like Temp. I don’t know why he keeps running away.”

I smile and lifts her on to my shoulders. “One day, you’ll ask Terrance why Jack needs distance right now. He isn’t as strong as others and fears he’ll make a mistake.”

“It wouldn’t be a mistake if he made it.” Victoria says confident again. I walk her on my shoulders outside.

“Survival isn’t the only thing we seek anymore, Vicky. You’ll grasp a little better in a few years. Don’t worry though. Jack and Temp will manage.”

“I like calling her sister. I don’t care that Jack gets annoyed.”

“Me too. Jack can be a bore. Temperance is so much better.”

Victoria giggles while I set her down. She stares in the direction of Meadows. That’s our pack. I can feel it in my heart. If someone asked for my pack it would be Meadows. Doesn’t matter that we’re living in Green Ridge. This isn’t our home pack. It’s not the pack we lean to. “I hope they don’t mind moving to Meadows.”

“Stop connecting to it already. We’re Green Ridge.” I tug my things off and show off my tags. They’re marked to Green Ridge even if it’s not my pack.

“I can’t wait to not be Green Ridge.” She sighs and climbs on top of my wolf form. ^Can you run for Meadows, Rylee?^

^Can I? Yes. Will I? No. We’re Green Ridge.^

^You may be… But I’m not. I hate being forced to wait.^

I shake my rider. She offers giggles not fear. She heals like a wolf already. Nothing be to afraid of. ^We’ll be on a trip to see Dad if you keep this up.^

^Nooo… That’s the opposite direction.^

^Keep it up. I can run that way too.^

Victoria grips my fur tighter. She snuggles against me. ^We’ll stay here. And wait.^

^Good. Vacation is all we can offer you right now, Luna. You know the timeline. You just have to wait it out. We all do.^ I let my speed increase to distract Victoria.

Because waiting sucks.

But waiting is absolutely required.

[Modern Werewolves] has a google docs of everything within the series. Most are pretty first drafty because they’re first drafts. If you wanna read everything it’s there (almost).

Recall this is a 2 million word series. It won’t be read within one evening. It’s not always HEA. It’s not always positive. It’s Dark Urban Fantasy more than anything else.

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