A romance, high fantasy, sci-fi, trilogy that is almost finished with a first draft.

The three books are Fleeing Home, Seeking Home, and Finding Home.

It follows a special teen on their adventure. I’m going to bump them up to 18 during edits, but the story moves around as they are sixteen.

There are a lot of chaos pieces to this story. It’s very much science fantasy, a genre that mixes advance technology and magic.

Magic exists because a person went through what would be considered a black hole. It warps them opening up magic. Many die in the attempt.

Amenda ends up with the magic over life. She has to learn control.

She is also the princess of her homeworld and Samstanem where the story mostly takes place. Her father is one of few left in the family. Mostly because he’s really hard to kill being able to command people with voice. Someone is killing off all the royal members.



No one really knows. Amenda isn’t really trying to figure it out, but she isn’t going to ignore the threat hovering over her life as well as the father she barely knows.

Her relationship is with a male just a touch older than her. He’s a teen in this book, but I may make him twenty during edits. Both will be close in age either way and new to adult in the normal sense.

Humans aren’t the only species, which isn’t shocking since there are a lot of planets with a lot of different humanoids.

Samstanem is special because the planet didn’t have any living creatures before someone landed there and established life. It was a barren waste field with only one dragon living on it.

Where is that dragon now?

It needs a lot of work. The current cut offs for the books may not be the final cut offs. Need to finish the final scene.

And there will be an epilogue of a future moment too. Just a nice comfy epilogue to make people aware of the HEA in my world. Amenda will get her happily ever after. Promise.

Not that everyone will.

A few die. Named characters even. But the main character will not. And her beloved will also live to see that epilogue. Promise.

[Amenda Book One: Fleeing Home (google doc)]
[Amenda Book Two: Seeking Home (google doc)]
[Amenda Book Three: Finding Home (google doc) (Incomplete)]