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February 2021: [Poem: The Softest Rose]

January 2021: [Fall in Love is Updated before Non Human Best Friend is Published] [Non Human Best Friend Coming Soon] [Tod Leben Fiction Shorts] [website] [Currently published on Smashwords and Amazon:] [Cat Hartliebe here] [Plans] [Happy Puppy] [List of Triggers] [All the books!!!]

December 2020: [Hey] [Decision] [I still have paperbacks] [Poem: Drowning] [Poem: Self Awareness: Not Well] [Poem: Blank] [Why Did I Kill Cat Hartliebe?] [SS: Balancer: 007 Icarus’s Pronouns] [SS: Balancer: 006 Mother’s End] [Expectations] [Poem: One by One] [Poem: Phoenix] [Poem: You Are…. (Element)] [Poem: Phoenix (Rebirth)] [Poem: Fool’s Error] [Poem: Drowning] [Poem: I Don’t Know] [Poem: The Cycle] [Poem: Cycle of Life] [Poem: The Balance Feather] [Poem: The Balancer] [SS: Balancer: 005 Winter Mother] [SS: Balancer: 004 Summer Mother] [SS: Balancer: 003 Fall Mother] [SS: Balancer: 002 The Pact] [SS: Balancer: 001 Spring Mother] [Who am I?]