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Blog Posts:

Feb 2013: [Hmmm…. Maybe… I Should Publish Trapped in a Tower] [Proving Alpha Status Free Ebook Sale]

Sept 2022: [Proving Alpha Status]

July 2022: [Dove Quotes] [Poem: Fantasy] [Poem: I Regret #2]

Apr 2022: [Smashwords and D2D]

Mar 2022: [Modern Werewolves; An Ending]

Dec 2021: [Poem: GD] [Poem: The Glass Slipper] [Poem: Run Away] [Poem: Ddu-du Ddu-du Du]

Nov 2021: [Poem: Pictured] [Poem: Knock] [Poem: The World is Black] [Poem: Trapped] [Poem: The End…?]

Oct 2021: [Poem: Push] [Poem: Forever Young] [Poem: Differences] [Poem: Killing Pets]

Sept 2021: [Poem: Nostalgia] [Poem: Still Here] [Poem: Pretty Kitty] [Poem: Fight!]

August 2021: [Poem: It’s Over] [Free Ebook] [Poem: This] [Poem: Let the Storm Break] [Poem: Cherry (song)] [Poem: Come, Doggy, Come] [Poem: Stoplight Glaring Red] [Poem: More Than Half the Year] [Poem: Don’t Wanna Have a Meltdown]

July 2021: [Poem: Everywhere I Turn] [Poem: Heart’s Relief] [Poem: I Regret] [Poem: Don’t You Move] [Poem: Let It Go]

June 2021: [Poem: What Will It Be Like?] [Poem: Monster] [Bam] [Poem: Let Me Be Your Good Girl] [Is Anyone Interested?] [Leagende is done] [Poem: Good Morning Kisses] [Poem: Obsession]

May 2021: [Poem: Only Memory Left] [Poem: Dear Baby,] [Youtube Videos] [Poem: Rainbow Flag] [Poem: “Joy”] [Poem: Forever Friend] [Poem: Can’t Be Lonely When Your Dead] [Poem: Best Friend] [Poem: First Flight] [Poem a Day May 2020 is back up] [Poem: Melt for Me] [Working On…. May 2021] [Organization: Diary Entry of Princess Michelle the Second] [Poem: Don’t Cry Cat] [Leagende Note] [Leagende Audience] [Poem: Love’s Free Fall] [Poem: Cuddlebug]

April 2021: [Working on Leagende] [Progression] [Tsuba Ren Character Descriptions]

March 2021: [Poem: Trapped Behind the Window Pane]

February 2021: [Poem: When I Hold the Door] [Tsuba Ren] [Poem: It is Raining in My Closet] [Triggers] [Poem: Little White Dress] [Poetry] [Poem: The Softest Rose]

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