A series of short stories following a god like character who deems themselves the balancer. They watch the world and guard the balance between life and death. Or at least they will. They begin as the daughter of the previous balancer.

It’s a complicated story that has been a safety net and dream world comfort.

The series is being posted on Tod Leben’s website as it is rewritten/written.

[SS: Balancer: 001 Spring Mother] [SS: Balancer: 002 The Pact] [SS: Balancer: 003 Fall Mother] [SS: Balancer: 004 Summer Mother] [SS: Balancer: 005 Winter Mother] [SS: Balancer: 006 Mother’s End] [SS: Balancer: 007 Icarus’s Pronouns]

There is no cover for this series yet. There is no suggestion to publish this series either.