Proving Alpha Status

Preorder is up! Publishing October 1st. [US Amazon] Werewolves fantasy fun with a subplot of romance. Check out [Proving Alpha Status] and [Proving Alpha Status Content Warning]. It used to be called Lycacon. Things are going through final touches. I’m excited. [US Amazon]

Dove Quotes

For those who follow me here, you get the quotes earlier than on Cat Hartliebe. Because you like me better than them. [Dove] [Dove Triggers] The quotes are meant to not create a trigger concern. The ebook is set to preorder on August 1st. The paperback is already available. If you would like the list … Continue reading Dove Quotes

Poem: Fantasy

This is Tod Leben. There are concerns. Triggers. Worries. This is warning. I’m not marking what. Just be aware. It’s on this website not Cat Hartliebe for a reason. Fantasy you think the part of Dragon Riderthat marks it fantasywould be the dragons as Natalie’s family.but for me who lacks in so many waysthe most … Continue reading Poem: Fantasy


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