Smashwords and D2D

[This is the exact same post as Cat Hartliebe’s] I hated D2D when I tried it. Smashwords was bought out by them. So my original publishing source is in the process of going away. I’ve been publishing through KDP since 2015. I started with Smashwords in 2013. Given the issues I’ve had over the years … Continue reading Smashwords and D2D

Poem: GD

(Published poems!) Reminder triggers are a concern on Tod Leben. This poem- GD- is found in [Poem a Day May 2020] Triggers! Triggers: grief (relationship) GD my heartbreakerwith the heart of goldyet crying when in pain my heartbreakerpretending to be with otherseven if forever lonely my heartbreakerfighting for this feelingonly to be forgotten soon my … Continue reading Poem: GD


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