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Twitter accounts for the lot: [Cat Hartliebe] [Tod Leben (may become mature at some point)] [Cyro Hartliebe]

Instagram: [Nugget Gillette (author cat)] [Cyro Hartliebe] [CatHartliebe]

Youtube: [Cat Hartliebe] [Tod Leben] [Cat Gillette] [Cyro Hartliebe]


Any questions, comments, or concerns leave a comment or send a message.

We definitely aren’t perfect. No one can be. So anything you wish to chatter with us about is free game.

[After spending so much time on the internet and in the public space, I have learned blocking is our friend. If you wish to test theories that would be deemed unacceptable in general, you will be blocked. I must protect my child and my own mental health. ~ Signed, Cat Hartliebe]

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