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Dove cover by Tod Leben

Genre: Gay Ace m/m LGBT+ romance dealing with a superhero. Dark fantasy making you question media/politics to an extent. Main plot is romance. The epilogue gives it the proper HEA, although there are questions if the epilogue isn’t read. Setting is a city somewhere in USA.

Does this click the boxes for superhero? Yes. Birdman vs Black Witch, although the dark fantasy addition will have you questioning which one is the real hero if either of them are.

Does this click the boxes for romance? Yes. (sex repulsed ace)

Does this click the boxes for dark fantasy? Kinda. It’s closer than expected.

Does this click the boxes for LGBT+ romance? Yes. Joe is gay; Icarus is demiromantic asexual. They are completely in love with each other the entire book pretty much. Kristyn is pansexual. Sam is trans man. There is notes of a few other points to LGBT+ within the story.

***There are no sex scenes***

There is talk of sex. Open communication is very important.

I would place this under my superhero collection if there was another one ready. There isn’t. I have several superheros – Green Cloak, Kura, Digi-Fix, Hurrican – that would do well becoming fully formed stories. But they haven’t really gotten anywhere. All of them exist though.

Dove is a completed novel. And a separate world from the rest. The rewrite is done even. It looks amazing and could be set up for publishing soon. Once I finish reviewing it five or six more times.

If you are interested in beta reading it for me, I can easily send a copy out.

Icarus has few desires in his life (except -of course- flying through the sky). He completes his work and survives his father’s desires for him. Icarus doesn’t really look forward to the future. Not that he seek to erase it. The future is just there, neither terrifying nor exciting. How long can Icarus put off his father’s desires before he ends up losing everything? What exactly is Dad seeking?

Joe wants a stable life with a stable boyfriend and a stable career. He does not truly think Icarus can help him. After learning the truth about Icarus being a superhero with bird wings and the son of Birdman, Joe really cannot leave the guy alone. Plus Icarus is cute. Can’t blame a man for looking. Joe knows not to touch (or expect).

With ‘Dad’ ie Birdman making things difficult for the new friends and the interest of Big Ben (a corporation competing with Homer Industries), these two will have a lot more in their near future than they even thought possible. Surviving seems likely- Icarus always has before- but can they come out better for it not just alive?

This is already in third draft. There will be several more pass throughs at this point. It is 136k words. If you are interested in beta reading or a future ARC, please send me a email:

Dove is a men loving men romance between an asexual man and gay man. It is also superhero urban fantasy taking place somewhere in USA.