Dragon Blooded

This is a series I probably can’t do. Sensitivity readers can only do so much. The plots can be written from my perspective, but cannot be published unless taken by a person who matches the characteristics of the main character.

  1. American White
    This one is my possible option. It can be Tod Leben or Cat Hartliebe depending on exacts of the story.
    A high school football player turns white during gym class. Nothing seems wrong. Actually afterwards, he seems even better than before.
    Could his favorite teacher- who is actually an elf!- be able to explain things?
  2. Brazilian Blue
    Vidonia lived in town with her parents.
    Until they sold her virginity to a random policeman in exchange of staying out of jail.
    Will anyone realize she was the one who set the building on fire? Will she ever manage to control her new flame breath weapon?
    Can this new person – Lexus – at least explain why this happened?
  3. German Green. 
    Jewish 23ish year old male in Germany as the first wave of Jews are incarcerated. 
    Do i want him burning down the encampment or making poison everywhere.  1930s
  4. Russian Silver
    Female whose love died from a drunken brawl.  Age 40s.  She has to restart her life on her own.  1980s? 
  5. Nigerian Gold
    Caught between a rock and a hard place, Leena has little going for her.  If she reaches civilianation anywhere, she’ll be sent to her captors forcing sexual gratification out of her. They own her literally.  She has to find a spot where she can be free.  Truly free. 2000s
  6. Japanese Electrum
    The Tokyo Tower has finally completed.  It’s 1958 and the trip into Tokyo was just to see the massive thing.  Proud swells Yuji’s self.  Then someone spots him.  He did nothing wrong, so why is he being chased.  By who or what seeks him?  Or who does he look like that makes people seek him?  Either way, his trip to see the tower has turned into a run from the law… or the reverse side of the law.  Either the Americans or the mob will take him in if he isn’t careful. 
  7. Chilean Black
    Could there be life beyond the mountain?  … questions that.  When the white man comes, though, it seems life won’t sit around and wait for … to find it.  He has no choice but to follow these men or die by them.  Or maybe their death will stop the interest these strange humans have.  (When did chile start really seeing white men?)
  8. Australian Copper
  9. Hawaiian Bronze
    Before Americans own the island.  1920s? 
  10. Filipino Red
  11. Brites, Lexus, and Carter
    A secondary piece following the trio from the story that has been started. It takes place in the dragon home world though.

The colors: white, black, red, green, blue, gold, silver, bronze, electrum, copper

This was supposed to be about various cultures, various timelines, and various struggles. If anyone wants to steal an idea for this world, I’m down. Let me know where you suit and I can help you build using my Dragon Myth.