Dragon’s Quest for Hopper

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I may post it here instead since it really should be classified as Tod Leben not Cat Hartliebe.

It was written for my friends. Every name used is someone I knew/know.

The first novel sets Dominik up to learning who he is, who his family was, and the importance of growth.

The second will be about being true to himself. Accepting the self and finding others who accept him.

It includes dragons, magic, pirates (all female), chaos, short chapters, episodic chapters…

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life. He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon. Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role. What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company. Beer is his life. Or it was. His life now seems a lot different. And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

It is only 54 chapters. Book two hasn’t begun. This is still technically a first draft. Any mistakes you find are because it is a first draft. It’s not that I wouldn’t publish this story. I just… There are stories more important to me than this one. So unless someone offers upfront royalties for it, it’s back-burner-ed for now.

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