Fairy Tales Reworked

This will either be published under Tod Leben or Cat Hartliebe. If I cannot find a trigger in the story it will be Cat Hartliebe. The three I have created though should all classify as triggering in some way.

Maybe, one day, I’ll rework a fairy tale retelling that isn’t triggering. It’s possible.
Just may not be something I can do.

  1. Cinderella Reworked
    Arissa wants to read more than anything. Her “family” abuses her as the in house servant/slave. Why don’t they treat her as real family? Why don’t they at least let her learn to read?
    It may have something to do with who she really is. What information are they hiding from the young Cinderella?
  2. The Little Merman Reworked
    Ariel is a human princess in a country by the sea. She is beloved. As she grows older, expectations start changing. During one of her travels, she is almost caught by kidnappers. Instead she flings herself into the sea.
    Where a mermaid saves her. Why would he pick her to save anyway? Eric couldn’t possibly have ultier motives, could he?
  3. Snow White Reworked
    My Snow White retelling doesn’t have dwarves. But there is an “evil step mother”. The real mother is a witch who was exiled. They are set to take their revenge. Snow White is the daughter caught up in her mother’s lies. True love’s kiss can save everyone.

These three are finished first drafts. I may have a cover of some kind for them. When will they be published? No idea, but they are headed that way.