Genie Wishes

This is story I started on It is not complete, but isn’t far from it.

I should repost it on Tod Leben since the story should be marked Tod Leben.

This is already novel length. Each story is between 5 and 10k words. It’s set in a fantasy world where there are demons and genies. A demon has a set amount of mana to use however they wish (with proper time and planning). A genie can answer other people’s wishes (not their own) as long as they pay the cost.

This is a first draft. It is not finished.

Genres: Fantasy; Adventure; Romance; Queer;
The stories are more series of shorts, but there is a clear main plot for the collection that is not finished.

[Google Doc]

When Aleania Heam meets Diss Weasher, she thinks nothing of the long term wish he asks for. But that ends up being harder than she expected. After filling out the contract, she finds out a horrible event has occurred. How can she handle a long term wish contract during this?