Genie Wishes

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If you’ve been following and reading my blog/website for a while, you would’ve known about Genie Wishes. I posted the entire story here.

It’s gone. Ask me if you want to read the current version.

Genie Wishes is currently in editing phases. I’ve given it a once over for the big edits (does it need a rewrite, etc?). It is ready for the next stage. No rewrite necessary. Not that I won’t be changing quite a bit. Names have pretty much changed. No more Diss Weasher (dish washer).

It is a novel. It is over 90k words. It fits into romance, adventure, and fantasy. I like to mix my genres.

I’ll probably classify it as Dark Fantasy mainly. Maybe. Ask me again later.

Genres: Fantasy; Adventure; Romance; Queer; Dark Fantasy; Polyam

First Person POV from Aleania’s view point. It may switch to third person limited Aleania’s viewpoint. Not sure yet if I will.

Fifteen chapters (I call Wishes) with a bonus that switches out to another suggesting I could write a second book. The epilogue is a true epilogue. There is no need to read it to have an ending to the story. It’s just there to suggest time moves on and their story continues. The secrets are just known about now.


Best friends and engaged couple Aleania Heam and Jordan James are the two youthful genies living in Brick, a quaint genie made seaside village. Aleania’s grandfather, the genie who created the village, made sure everything would be absolutely and perfectly safe for his growing family.

Aleania would love to say when Darrell Fowler showed up asking for a long term wish, things went down hill. But it wasn’t the addition of the demon, a mage who can cast with limiters. Aleania, as well as everyone in the village, could tell something was up around Jordan.

Genies cannot cast without a contract. They cannot cast wishes for themself. There is no way Jordan willingly left the village. Right?

Aleania needs to figure out what has been happening around her best friend to cause this.

She may regret learning the truth, though.

At least, she has a willing partner to help her reach the end goal. Darrell doesn’t need contracts to use magic. Aleania will manage to save Jordan even if it turns her world completely up side down.

Secrets shouldn’t stay secrets after all.

It is love triangle (legit triangle fyi) that turns triad. It’s interesting to have that happen. Aleania would never truly fill complete or safe with either one singly. But combined, she has her needs and desires fulfilled. That’s the case for the other two as well.

Jordan laughs at him. “Darrell offered us long term protection in the form of Upper slots.” Stanley’s eyes widen staring at Darrell. Darrell winces again. “So we double the contract by turning it into marriage. So, they were wishes. And we haven’t told everyone.”

“Yeah. Your parents are going to freak out. You both married the same guy.” Stanley scans Darrell. “He’s a great Demon, someone I’d proudly call my brother, but… Same guy? You’re sharing a husband?”

“He offers us different things.” Jordan looks away.

Genie Wishes

Any questions or comments, hit me up. I love chatting about my stories. I don’t know how long this will take to reach published, but I can aim for my birthday without issue. Should I? I don’t know.