Just a Little Bit of Life

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A collection of short stories and poetry revolving around general life. This will eventually turn into Just Life with a larger collection of stories and an addition of poetry. Give me some time.

Stories Included:

  1. Old Enough: (blood mention; needle mention) Turning eighteen means a lot for so many. For this character, it means giving back.
  2. Comeback Tour: [The real reason I published this short collection is Comeback Tour is on my youtube as a reading.] (stalking mention) Take a rock star and give them the chance for a comeback.
  3. Snow: (grief: relationship) There are memories everywhere that take us back down that road.
  4. For Every Child, A Seed: (loss of baby) A tree is planted for every child ‘born’ even those who don’t get the chance to live.
  5. The Newspaper: (N/A) An old man and a walkway that’s cleared itself. What happened?

[Triggers are listed in parenthesis for now]

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