Leagende Triggers


All books written by Tod Leben are trigger worthy. If you have any triggers that can be induce by the written word, perhaps put this book back. The list of trigger will be on the last page of the book.

There are also references to insane/crazy in previous editions of the books. They should have been removed in the new editions.

Unwanted & Unexpected Book 1 & 2 of Leagende by Tod Leben (cover)

Unwanted & Unexpected


Note: human, half elf, and bastard are used often as insults. Bludi claims the name Bastard Prince.

New Adult suggestive domestic abuse; suggestive discrimination; domestic abuse; emotional abuse; loneliness; discrimination; name calling; treated as less than; cursing/swearing; sexual comments; virginity; bullying; insult; microaggression;
Richard sexual harassment; sexual assault (light); talk of death/pregnancy loss/ widow; forced removal of clothes (does not lead to sexual assault);
First Flight height; falling; police; suicide attempt (not Bludi); lost; unconsented kiss (questionable if considered assault); talk of divorce; talk of pregnancy loss; controlling actions (relationship);
Second Flight lost; alone; discrimination; police; insult; rape; break down (anger); control; talk of pregnancy; nausea; lack of consent (touch);
Parents microaggression; disregard; police; marriage; chase; lost; capture; insults; unwanted sexual attention; sexual harassment; blood; stalking;
New Job confrontation; talk of pregnancy loss; lost; talk of murder; capture (not Bludi);
Royal Haven swearing; pregnancy;
Flight Training talk of execution (not Bludi); talk of exilement (not Bludi); panic attack;
The Rings sexual comments; talk of rape; court; magical disability (temp);
Media Frenzy media stalking; paparazzi; pregnancy; forced marriage; magical disability (temp);


Home Again: politics; swearing; talk of rape attempt; talk of pregnancy; talk of infertility; talk of pregnancy loss;
Left Behind: breakdown (magical aggression); kidnapping (not Bludi); swearing; insults; pregnancy; attack; court;
Announcements: war suggestion; pregnancy; magical exhaustion/disability (temp); nausea; insult; court; talk of kidnapping;
War Looms: nightmares; war (no direct action); medical procedure; pregnancy; talk of death; nightmare;
Knowledge: war (no direct action); pregnancy; magical exhaustion/disability (temp); interrogation;
Richard: self harm suggestion; labor; talk of suicide; parental abuse; magical procedure; magical disability (permanent); insult; breakdown;
Crowning: war; forced action (crowning); talk of war; blood; magical disability (temp);
Germania: disability (wing); death (named character); talk of war; attack; attempted murder; gore;
Epilogue: war; nameless deaths; talk of capture; talk of murder;

Queen’s Escape:

This is heavy on the torture. Apologies.
Queen Alaenia: capture; dungeons; suggestive rape; attack; thievery; abuse;
King Richard: confinement; insults; suggestive murder; talk of rape;
Royal Togetherness: confinement; rape (on screen; descriptive);
Royal Plan: confinement;
More Time: confinement; suicidal ideation; talk of rape; hopelessness; notes of depression;
King Tyrone: confinement; murder; battle;
Knight Recha: retreat battle; injury (wing);

Hair Incident:

bullying; school; child abuse; self deprecation; insults;

The Letters

6yr old Bludi: suggestions of abuse; suggestions of murder;
12yr old Bludi: suggestions of bullying;
18yr old Bludi: abuse; denial; questions of mental health;
20yr old Bludi (from queen): politics; anti-human;
20yr old Bludi (from Hank): talk of abuse; politics;


Undeniable & Unbreakable by Tod Leben front cover

Undeniable & Unbreakable

If you have a previous copy of Undeniable or Unbreakable, there is talk of gyspies. All references have been switched to nomads.


New Court Mage: insults; talk of bullying; vomiting; food poisoning (purposeful); kidnapping; bound (rope binding);
confinement (casket/ wooden box); corpses;
Caught: hallucinogens; unconsented kiss (questionable if considered assault);
Half Elf: nudity;
Important Chat:
Impossible Search: talk of murder; talk of injury;
Assumed Future: arranged engagement; confinement; controlling magic; politics; abuse;
Naming Day: arrangement engagement; misuse of power/knowledge; controlling magic; abuse; battle; attempted murder; flight (escape);
Big Brother: magical attack; politics; talk of war; blood;


Zeus owns the POV of the story, but refers to himself as Adain instead of Zeus even if he’s fighting every time someone else calls him Adain. It’s a new name and will be a constant misnaming through the book. This is not a problem in Unbelievable.

The Plan: talk of confinement (Alaenia); talk of self harm (Alaenia); marriage plans; conquering plans; politics;
Wedding Bells: confinement (Alaenia); talk of self harm (Alaenia); talk of attempted murder; politics; wedding; suggestive eugenics (anti demon blood; anti human blood);
Grandmother: talk of arranged marriage; confinement; abusive relationship (Alaenia and Richard); talk of suicide; suggestive eugenics (anti demon blood; anti human blood);
Germania: talk of abuse; politics; talk of murder; self deprecation; police; attack; confinement; disability (temp) (magical exhaustion);
Royal Greeting: terrorize humans; disregard for life; insult; stand off; talk of murder; talk of war; battle; lack of self control; lack of self confidence;
Flight Stop: remnants of battle; talk of death; attack; battle; interrogation; disrespect; insults; confinement; controlling magic;
Into Compast: battle; indecisiveness; life or death situation; murder; blood; insults;
Chasing Compast: talk of war; battle; refugees; hopelessness; controlling magic; talk of death; negativity talk;
Back Home: politics; controlling magic; dialect insult; police; talk of conquering; talk of war; arranged marriage; confrontation; pregnancy; talk of battle; talk of life and death; talk of marriage;
New Queen: talk of war; talk of death; age gap relationship; talk of pedophilia; talk of discrimination; talk of world domination; politics;
Blue Eyes: talk of family; talk of death; court; politics; talk of pedophilia;
Germanian King: talk of family; talk of death; politics; talk of court; cursing; insults; talk of discrimination; talk of war;


nudity; discrimination; media; innuendos;

Childhood Memories:

Adain: insults; talk of discrimination; talk of infidelity; politics;
Joshua: bad family;
Juite: forced actions; politics;
Hank: baby; talk of pregnancy; talk of death;
Alaenia: sibling battle; grief (relationship); talk of marriage;
Sven: talk of suicide; unwanted touch;
Anna: disregard; willing kidnapping;
Richard: orphan; bastard; disregard; disrespect; black markets; talk of illegal action; hunger;
Bludi: politics; discrimination; loneliness; child abuse; abandonment; bastard;
Daphne: discrimination;
Castella: discrimination; requirements; disappointment;
Izzy: capture; escape;
Ellone: family trouble;
Recha: military; discrimination; bullying; hazing;
Donovan: first love;
Gold: citizenship; discrimination;
Tyrone: demon mark; murderous intent;
Wilhelm: politics; family matters; talk of murder;


Unbelievable & Unavoidable Book 3 & 4 of Leagende by Tod Leben (cover)

Unbelievable & Unavoidable

Zeus and Madeline have an age gap relationship. He is twenty, newly adult, and she is 12. There is no sexual relationship between them. They are a couple without sexual action. The furthest that happens are hugs, light kisses, and cuddling.


The Royals: self deprecation; jealousy; taunt; politics; pregnancy; talk of war;
Magic: talk of death; insubordination; talk of war; military; insults; battle; fat phobia; talk of bullying; railroading/ force;
Crown Prince: police; misnaming; talk of infertility; talk of war; discrimination; stalker; pregnancy; military; talk of death;
Compast War Front: war; police; cursing; misnaming; talk of death; pregnancy; confrontation; talk of puberty;
Demons: battle; blood; gore; death; insult; weapons; talk of unwanted affection; elven leather; bloodlust; murderous intent;
The Border: military; misnaming; talk of discrimination; talk of infertility; battle; blood;
Compast: ravages of war; ruins; misnaming; battle; weapons; blood;
King’s Castle: battle; blood; weapons; death (named character); severe injury; ruins;
Purge: arranged marriage; injury; repair; puberty; talk of war;


Leagende Queen: self deprecation; talk of pregnancy; ageism; discrimination; misnaming; talk of blood; talk of war;
Progress: misnaming; talk of pregnancy; court; talk of war; talk of blood; talk of death;
Name Day: misnaming; talk of pregnancy; refugee;
Cardenil: talk of discrimination; talk of disrespect; talk of war; attack; refugee; arranged marriage; lack of consent;
New Territory: attempted attack; cursing; blood; fear; weapons; talk of war; talk of battle;
Humans: talk of murder; war; battle; weapons (guns); destruction; ravages of war; refugees; ruins; injury; blood; capture; death; ageism; sexism; talk of treason; talk of pregnancy;
Second Wife: war; weapons; confrontation; talk of murder; talk of treason;
Healing: talk of pregnancy; talk of rape; magical exhaustion; nudity; talk of death; talk of treason; talk of murder;
New Country: trial; court; murder; treason; grief (death);

Rorianna’s Attempts:

This is Bludi’s death event. It is written from the enemy’s perspective. Every scene has treasonous words and actions.
Princess Rorianna: talk of murder;
Sean Gump: mistrust; talk of murder;
Mark Redbow: talk of murder;
Breeze Redbow: dangerous environment;
Jocelyn Redbow: loveless marriage; talk of infertility; medical concerns;
Princess Rorianna: talk of marriage; talk of murder; attack; talk of revolt;
Mark Redbow: talk of surgery; talk of sex; talk of incest; murder; death (Bludi); death (Ellone); death (Rorianna); death (Mark); gore; gruesome; blood;
Sean Gump: talk of court; talk of death; cursing; damage;

Cardenil’s Governor:

talk of war; talk of treason; talk of murder; talk of trial; cursing; talk of terrorizing;