This series has a special place in my heart.
[Leagende Triggers(under construction)]

Unwanted & Unexpected: [US Amazon] [Smashwords] June 1st 2021

Unwanted was my first paperback. Leagende was my first completed series. There are six novellas with bonus short stories and context besides.

Bludi Illiene, the half elf bastard of the queen isn’t looking for the title of prince he grew up with. He isn’t seeking to change laws or make humans more accepted.

He only seeks the safety net of his mother’s acceptance. The rest is just bonus. That is if it can happen.

Unwanted and Unexpected follow Bludi on his tasks.

Undeniable follows Castella as a teen coming to terms with the requirements of ruling.

Unbreakable and Unbelievable follow Adain as he becomes King Zeus.

Unavoidable follows Madeline as they finish off their royal quests.

If you want to “beta read” any of these stories, ask.
If you want an ARC once I finish the final review, speak up.

Not much will change.

Unwanted & Unexpected: [US Amazon] [Smashwords] June 1st 2021